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Can I Alter PDF Documents? How to Alter The Text On A PDF

Everybody knows that PDF documents are the most used document format across multiple industries. Most governmental agencies and business departments have their own customized electronic document type. Thus, we aim to provide a solution that will cover all our needs. Thanks to the fact that digital documents are easier to use and store, making the switch to paperless also means never having to print out numerous copies. Our editor features various tools that make the process of editing faster and more productive. Try these online tools and enjoy them all! You can upload an unlimited number of documents and alter pdf online.

Altering a PDF File

If you want to make your template editable or fillable, follow the steps below:

  1. 1. Upload your document sample using the drag and drop box or upload a document from your cloud storage. You can also provide a link to the document. Additionally, a user can find their document using the search field.

  2. alter pdf
  3. 2. If the sample is already on a website, go to “My docs” or the folder that contains the necessary sample and click on it.

  4. 3. Your template will be opened in the editor by default.

  5. alter pdf
  6. 4. If you are completing the form, fill in the fields with the textual and numeric information. Be careful while typing in order to provide correct data. Note, that some fields require numerals only.

  7. alter pdf
  8. 5. In case you need to add textual fields manually, use the text tool on your page. Place text where you want. This function has additional features that change the size and type of font. You may make the text bold, italic, underlined or change its color.

  9. alter pdf
  10. 6. You can add various fields except for textual: number, date, dropdown, checkbox, photo or initials. This option is available on the right side of the page.

  11. alter pdf
  12. 7. Once the text has been provided it can be highlighted or blacked out. Highlight the points you want to concentrate attention on. Click on the “Highlight” button and move your cursor across the line you want to highlight.

  13. alter pdf
  14. 8. Some users may worry about personal data they include in their template. The blackout tool will help you with that. Select it from the upper tools panel and hide information using the black line.

  15. 9. Sign the blank with the help of the signature wizard. You may add an existing signature or create a new one. Type your full name or draw a signature with the touchpad. Additionally, you may send a link to your mobile phone and draw it on the screen of the device with your finger. Also, an photo of your initials written on paper can be uploaded.

  16. 10. Save changes in the current format or one of the other file formats. You can save your sample as an Excel spreadsheet, Word document or PowerPoint presentation.

  17. 11. Finally, the template can be sent to be signed or shared with the help of a link. You can also attach it to an email or sent via USPS. The document can be printed or downloaded on your computer as well.

One more way to alter PDF document is via the merge function. You may include up to five PDF files in one document merge. Also, you may reorder pages to place them in your preferred order.

An advantage of our service is that PDF documents can be edited on the go. There is no need to install desktop software because all the tools are accessible in the cloud. The online-service is user-friendly and looks good on both mac and windows. It also works well on most popular browsers.

How to Alter a PDF?

  1. To alter a PDF online, upload a file to your account or choose an existing file.
  2. Choose the 'Text' button in the 'Edit' tab tab and start typing. Place text by clicking and dragging the box.
  3. Click the 'Signature' or 'Picture' button to sign your document or insert an image. You can also add sticky notes, comments or text boxes to any PDF file.
  4. To alter a PDF, click the corresponding icon on the toolbar to highlight, redact or erase any content or image.
  5. To alter your PDF further, click the 'ADD WATERMARK' and the 'VERSIONS' tabs on the right or the 'PAGES' tab on the left.
  6. When you're done revising, click 'DONE' and email, share, print or save your form.

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How to Alter PDF Documents

Can I alter a PDF document online?

Yes. allows you to edit any type of PDF document, scanned form, application, contract document, license form or certificate with our various tools and features. You can rearrange, rotate, and delete, the pages. You can also, add text, images, and signatures to each page.

How to alter a scanned PDF?

To modify a scanned file, begin by de-selecting the current function you are using or just simply click anywhere on the document and begin to type. You can then drag and move the text to your desired location.

How do I alter PDF text?

To alter text, choose Text button in Edit and start typing. You can also click the Erase button in the "Tools" tab and clear the content in your document. To alter font settings, click on the "Font" button. You can then change the font type or alter the size and color. You can alter words into bold, underlined, and italics.

How do I alter pages in a PDF?

To alter pages in a PDF, click the “Pages” button on the left. Select a page and click the “Move Up” or the “Move Down” button to change the order. You can also remove or rotate pages by clicking the “Delete” or “Rotate” button.